About us

M ost new ventures (especially Technology new ventures) are started by “amateur” entrepreneurs (i.e. they have never had the opportunity for formal entrepreneurship education). Some Universities and we have been offering courses in entrepreneurship education, but education is by far not all that is needed. What support, mentoring, coaching etc. is available to them ? In the pipeline from invention through to innovation and successful new venture many things are missing. InnoVaventures is focusing on crossing the chasm in this pipeline. Even if you have had the privilege of having had entrepreneurship education, typically once you pass Phase 1 (in diagram 1), you are left on your own to figure out the rest. innoVaventures helps you through this maze of skills and experiences you need to acquire. innoVaventures is a company evolving from over 30 years executive experience in the IT industry and almost a decade of corporate new venture creation and entrepreneurship education. innoVaventures is focused on helping young entrepreneurs to create their new (predominantly technology) ventures and making them successful.

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