Professor Jean François Carrasco

Experience Past & Present Positions IEID:Board Member Associate consultant: AVALAIN AG (e-Learning architectures and strategy) and GMC SA (Innovative Mobile Services) Business Development Director: APiLINX Mobile Remote Patient Services Valorisation of Innovation Manager: University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (and Innovation MSc Lecturer) Co-President: Conseil de Développement CASA Public Think Tank aimed at Local Region Economical Development VP Board: DataBase Forum IT Promotion Association Co-Founder - VP e-Education & Strategy: Groupe Vivial e-Learning & traditional Training experts Vice President:Club Sophia Start Up Non-Profit Organization aimed at fostering Corporates on Sophia Antipolis - Initiated by Sen Pierre Laffitte Chief Learning Officer France & Spain (temp.): Viviance New Education France Large e-Learning Networks Shareholder - VP Customer Services: Semiopolis Telemedical Services Research Fellow - Lecturer: University of Nice: Computational Linguistics Natural Language Research Scientist: CSTB Education University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis: MSc, Computational Linguistics University of Provence (Aix-Marseille I): MSc, Educational Sciences