Professor  Roberto Grandi

Full time professor of Mass Communication and Public Communication at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy (University of Bologna); Professor of Sociology of Journalism at the Post-graduate School in Journalism (University of Bologna); Professor of Marketing and Communication at the MBA and EMBA (Alma Graduate School). President of the College of China and Honorary President of Confucius Institute at the University of Bologna. Former Vice Rector at the University of Bologna (2000- 2009), Deputy Mayor on Culture at the Municipality of Bologna (1996-1999), President of PromoBologna -Local development agency (2009-2011). Former Visiting Professor at the Annenberg School of Communication (University of Pennsylvania), Stanford University and Brown University. Author of several books, among others: La Comunicazione Pubblica (Public Communication) (2007); Elementi di Comunicazione Politica (Elements of Political Communication) with Cristian Vaccari, 2007; L’impresa che comunica (Corporate Communication) with Mattia Miani, 2006; Come vincere/perdere le elezioni (How to Win/Loose Political Elections),1999; Prodi: una campagna lunga un anno (Prodi: a One-Year Political Campaign), 1996; I Mass Media fra testo e contesto (Mass Media: Text and Context), 1994; Tg fatti così: analisi del formato dei telegiornali (Tv news: the analysisis of the Tv news formats), 1988; Come parla la pubblicità (How the advertising communicates), 1987; Radio e televisione negli Stati Uniti (Radio and Television in the United States) 1980. He has carried out research activities for the Council for European Studies (Columbia University), the Council for Cultural Cooperation (Council of Europe), RAI (Italian National Public Broadcasting) and others national and international institutions. He has published articles on urban culture, mass communication, public communication, political communication, modern culture, cultural studies, consumer behaviour and he has been invited to several international conference. The last one: the Expò Theme Forum on Cultural Heritage and Urban Regeneration (Suzhou-Shanghai, June 12-15, 2010) He has been consulting and contributing editor (1979-1991) of the Journal of Communication.