Svante Hultman

I am educated teacher for upper secondary school and started my career as teacher in natural science and mathematics. After a few years I turned to counseling and worked a lot with planning and development in the region in how to guide pupils for further education. After some 10 years I became headmaster at a school for pupils with fairly low energy for studies. I had the possibility to develop cooperation with many companies where the pupils fulfilled most hours during the week. I was during this period so called expert at the national office for Education in Stockholm and worked also in an expert group within the Nordic countries. In 1988 I went on the leadership as headmaster for an upper secondary school with mostly vocational education. I had a chance to use the contacts with the companies to combine theoretical studies and practice outside the school for the pupils. In 1992 I became headmaster at another upper secondary school with mostly classical theoretical education and promising athletes in sports. I had the honour to work with the classical languages, social science and pedagogical development. During this period I had the drive to change the whole methodical approach and teaching methods for the whole school and I travelled around the country to describe how I, as a leader, could, together with the teachers and pupils, totally change the learning style into very active pupils and responsible, cooperative atmosphere. After 7 years I had given so much of myself and I felt the eagerness to do something else. I worked a while at the University with development and courses for teachers, I was given the responsibility to develop qualified vocational education within the region, I worked with companies to develop their competences and around 5 years I planned courses and education for adults. During this period I worked in the University, too, by being a member in different boards and participated in developing courses at different faculties. During the last six years I have been working at the University in different investigations and developing projects and the last three years as chairman for the board with responsibility for cooperation between the University and the region, 13 municipalities. I am one in the staff at the President´s office and work also with international matters and as principal administrator for Intentac. During the last 6 months I have been involved in a project for entrepreneurial migrants. In this field I, together with a professor and a research assistant, planned and carried through an international conference about microfinance, business development and mentorship for cross border enterprises and entrepreneurship among migrants. The conference was held at Jönköping University and was a great success.