Habib Amine

Habib Amine was born in 1977 in Rabat, Morocco. MBA graduate from Thunderbird University in international Management, which has been ranked number 1 specialty MBA International program in the world according to US News, Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. Habib taught Marketing Management in IIHEM, an American-education University in Rabat, Morocco. He also worked in three continues and brings consequently a rich experience in the field of marketing. He is also in the board of directors of Ribat-al-Fath association in Morocco, an NGO involved in several human development projects in Morocco. Habib Amine is currently an expatriate in Holland for a multinational company.

Course Structure

1- Review of marketing basics 2- Segmentation and targeting 3- Positioning, hands-on exercise 4- Brand Essence and Identity 5- Marketing research relevance 6- Putting together a marketing plan 7- Marketing tactics –Guerrilla marketing 8- HBS case study- Marketing decision making