Maurizio Sarmenghi

Maurizio Sarmenghi is a freelance management consultant and trainer operating mainly in Emilia Romagna in the North of Italy. He is specialized in the following areas; Leadership and change, Crisis management, Analysis and assessment of managerial competences and Trainer training. Maurizio Sarmenghi has been Head of Training and Consultancy at Cofimp, a training and consultancy company based in Bologna since 2001 with responsibility for management of training and consultancy services for the private sector. He is member of Cofimp’s Strategic Committee. After completing his degree in Law at Bologna University in 1983, Maurizio Sarmenghi started work as a consultant and has worked in a range of companies in different sectors including Confindustria Roma, API (the Association of Small and Medium sized Industries), Reglass and he was a partner in Training and training. In recent years he has implemented a wide range of projects including; GEODE concerning the use of diagnostic tools regarding strategic variables in SMEs; UDrive- design of management skills assessment for top management; Innovative Management in change programmes; PIANETA manager; design and implementation of courses for managers between jobs; Seminars on change; Trainer in Videoconferences with international experts including the organization of study tours to Silicon Valley and Abu Dhabi and teaching at Budapest and Shanghai ( Tongji University)