Dr. Charles Versaggi

Versaggi Biocommunications® is a marketing consultancy specializing in corporate and marketing communications for the global life-science industry. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the firm serves clients in every stage of development — from seed funding through research and development, clinical trials, regulatory approval and worldwide product marketing. With more than 25 years' experience, Dr. Versaggi has directed marketing initiatives for more than 200 companies, ranging from startups to Fortune-100 global leaders. These include the launch of the first genetically engineered vaccine, the first applications of minimally invasive surgery, the introduction of sequencing-by-hybridization technology to the Human Genome Project, and the launch of the first genomic disease management products. Previously, he established the first bioindustrial account services group for Regis McKenna Inc., a high-tech marketing consultancy that provided strategic counsel for many industry pioneers, including Genentech, Cetus Corp. (now Chiron/Novartis), Thoratec Corp., Apple Inc., Microsoft, and Intel Corp., among others. Before that he was a science reporter for The Milwaukee Journal and a Mass Media Science Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, publisher of the journal Science. In addition to directing the services of Versaggi Biocommunications, Dr. Versaggi serves as interim CEO of Genefinity SRL, a Trieste, Italy-based medical device company developing biosensors for diabetes and other disease applications. He also serves as a business mentor and entrepreneur boot-camp director for Mind the Bridge Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps Italian entrepreneurs establish U.S. business alliances. Previously, Dr. Versaggi was a board member and the co-chair of VascularCures — the Foundation for Accelerated Vascular Research at the University of California San Francisco, a research institute committed to preventing death and disability from vascular disease. He is a writer and guest speaker on the topic of life science entrepreneurship, and plays an active role in Italian entrepreneurship, catalyzing Italian science-to-market initiatives. He also is a lecturer for marketing courses at the University of California (UCB and UCSC Extension). He holds a doctorate in biological sciences from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and master’s and bachelor’s degrees in biology from San Francisco State University. For more information see